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C-8: Polestar Edition

Group 994

57 NM

Group 994 (1)

Top speed
27 kt

Group 994 (3)

8 people

With the Candela C-8 Polestar Edition, we are bringing the best of automobile design into the world’s first foiling electric daycruiser, creating an iconic take on a revolutionary vessel. Our close collaboration with Polestar on batteries and charging is evident. This limited edition edition, known as the C-8 Polestar Edition, integrates their distinctive design elements, ensuring a unique boating experience.

Candela C 8 Polestar Edition Foiling
Candela C-8 Polestar Edition: Where automative design meets marine innovation.

C-8: Polestar Edition Interior

Premium interior featuring Polestar’s signature colors.

Candela C 8 Polestar Edition Interior

A comfortable interior sleeps a small family and provides a retreat from the sun on warm days on the water.

C 8 Polestar Edition Hand stitched upholstery

Hand-stitched upholstery inspired by Polestar’s concept cars brings a new level of comfort to C-8’s carbon fiber seats.

C 8 Polestar Edition Aft and Exteriro Color

A solid grey exterior color complimented by a lighter grey tone for interior areas gives the boat a sleek and uniform look.

Polestar Candela C POD

Hydrofoils in Polestar’s iconic gold accentuate the technology that gives C-8 unmatched electric speed and range.

Candela C-8
Polestar Edition

“Candela’s hydrofoil technology is a paradigm shift for sustainable performance in the marine industry. Like the first time driving an electric car, you instantly feel that this is the future when the boat ‘takes off’,” says Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar.

The Candela C-8 Polestar Edition brings Polestar’s expression of Scandinavian luxury to the marine industry. A solid grey exterior color complimented by a lighter grey tone for interior areas gives the boat a sleek and uniform look. Custom, hand-stitched seat upholstery offers outstanding comfort and aesthetics.

Candela C 8 Polestar Edition 1

C-8: Polestar Edition

Rapid Charging, Extended Range

Candela C 8 Polestar Edition Charging Battery Technology

Like all C-8’s, the new Polestar Edition uses the same battery and charging technology as the premium hatchback Polestar 2. This not only allows for a market-leading range of up to 57 nautical miles at 22 knots, but also DC charging from 10 to 80% state of charge in less than 30 minutes.

Candela C-8

Powered by Polestar, as standard

Candela C 8 in Miami

Whether you are boating under a scorching tropical sun or foiling in misty Nordic waters, Candela C-8 has a configuration to suit your needs: choose from the C-8 Hardtop, Daycruiser, or T-Top. Every model comes standard with Polestar batteries and DC charging.

Range calculator

We estimate the range based on several parameters and real world tests in various conditions. Actual range may vary.

  • Daycruiser
1 person
22 kn

Down to the details
Technical specifications

Carbon fiber
69 kWh – Powered by Polestar
1750 kg 3 858 lbs
7 passengers + 1 driver
8.50 m 28 ft 3in
2.50 m 8 ft 3 in
22 kt cruise, 27 kt top
Candela C-Pod (45/50 kW)
57 NM at cruising speed +3 NM at 4 kn in limp home mode
0.5 in shallow mode
0,9 m in planing mode
0,8 m while foiling
1.5 m while not foiling, foils extended
1 ft 8 in in shallow mode
2 ft 11 in in planing mode
2 ft 7 in while foiling
4 ft 11 in while not foiling, foils extended
11 kW AC: 6.5 h 0-100%
135 kW DC: <30 min 10-80%
15,4-inch touch screen with Candela’s proprietary navigation and boat integration system. Free software upgrades included. One year free sea chart upgrades included.
Candela app with position, state of charge, route statistics and more. Optional geo-fence.
The hybrid hull is shaped for low friction planing in addition to low air resistance when foiling. In Harbor Mode the foils are retracted above the surface which prevents fouling and corrosion.

Here’s the top five.

What makes the C-8 Polestar Edition different from a regular C-8?

They both have Polestar batteries. The C-8 Polestar Edition features Polestar premium signature design in the hull, foils, the stitching, and the seatbelts.

Can I already order a C-8 Polestar Edition?

Yes, the C-8 Polestar Edition is in serial production and we are delivering it to customers worldwide.

What is the range at high speed? And how quickly can you charge?

The estimated range is 57 nautical miles at 22 knots. This means you can cruise for more than two hours without noise, emissions, or wake. Additionally, with access to a DC charger, a C-8 can be recharged from 10-80% in less than 30 minutes, making it the quickest-charging boat on the market. A more common option is charging at your dock from a three-phase outlet, which will take around 5 hours from an empty battery.

There are many other electric boats out there. What makes the Candela C-8 different?

The Candela C-8 is the only electric boat with the range of a petrol boat at higher speeds and also the only hydrofoiling electric boat in serial production. Hydrofoils bring several other benefits that other electric boats can’t offer: vastly reduced noise levels at higher speeds, faster charging speeds, a much smoother ride, and little wake generation. A battery pack of 110 kWh or more in a planing boat will only result in 20-30 nautical miles of range (even if some boat makers unrealistically claim higher range). The only way of solving this energy equation is to use hydrofoils. A Candela C-8 can achieve an estimated 57 NM with a battery pack of 69 kWh.

How does Candela C-8 Polestar Edition handle high waves and rough water?

C-8 Polestar Edition’s seakeeping capabilities are second to none for its size. Instead of smashing into the waves, the C-8 flies over them. Thanks to the foils, the ride will be smoother than any conventional boat in moderate waves. Waves up to 1.1 meters pass just under the hull. In rougher conditions, the C-8 operates like any other boat; the efficient planing hull and a “planing mode” mean that you can operate the boat as you would any other, with the foils acting as a keel to provide extra stability.

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