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P-8 Voyager

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Better batteries

Through the collaboration with electric car maker Polestar, we’re able to source battery packs with the high energy density and safety standards found in the auto industry.​

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Using blockchain technology, Polestar is aiming to trace risk minerals from material source to finished product, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Transparency is a key driver for climate action, and the aim is to show the full footprint from production.
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Candela C–8

The first modern watercraft

All other boats just became obsolete. Candela C-8 is the craft that breaks existing rules and sets the new ones.

Merging advanced aircraft technology with software and electronics, C-8 flies above the waves in absolute silence. Consuming just a fraction of the energy conventional boats use, C-8 is the first true long-range electric cruiser. But that’s just the start.

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P–8 Voyager

The first long-range electric water taxi

New for 2022, the Candela P-8 Voyager sets a new standard for comfort & silence at higher speeds on the water.

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Candela C–POD

A silent revolution beneath

Candela C-POD is the most efficient and long-lasting boat motor ever made. Two ultra-compact yet strong permanent magnet motors under the water provide unrivaled range and efficiency. Enough thrust to make our boats fly at a speed of 30 knots, in absolute silence.

Electric direct-drive means no noise from gears, no oil changes and no maintenance. The patent-pending Candela C-POD will last a lifetime, without needing service.


Fossil-fuel freedom

Our ultimate purpose is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel free lakes and oceans. We do this by creating a high-efficiency, all-electric propulsion system for both leisure boating and public transport.

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Zero emissions

Zero noise

Zero vibrations

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Flying Ferry

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It feels like we’re flying

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Electric-Boat Maker Candela Gets Cash Infusion to Scale Up Production

Candela C-8 DC, HT and Candela P-30 foiling together

Its C-8 boat model has already become the best-selling electric speed boat in Europe (and it actually outsells most internal combustion engine-powered boats in its premium category).

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Candela’s hydrofoiling electric boats attract $24M investment in a bid for cleaner seas

At a stroke it makes every other boat feel strangely low-tech, as if Candela has finally managed to reinvent the wheel or, perhaps more aptly, discover flight.

Candela’s C-8 flying electric boat is already selling better than gas-powered boats

The result is a super stable boat, you can’t really get seasick on board.

Teslas making waves: A new generation of electric motorboats takes to the water

The world’s first AI-powered, all-electric hydrofoil boat that automatically stabilises itself for a smoother ride

I tested a flying electric boat and it was even cooler than it sounds

Swedish Tech Company Breaks Sales Records With Disruptive New Long-Range Hydrofoiling Electric Speedboat

So, OK, what’s the bottom line? Simply put, the Candela is a better boat. Just like a Tesla is a better car and an F150 Lightning is a better F150. This is the future, kids, and it’s awesome!

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It’s simply impossible to explain the experience of piloting a precision foiling craft at sea. Schedule a test drive from 5 locations globally.

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